Pilot Corona e3

The detection of acoustic evoked potentials is a gold standard in the daily audiometric routine.

The AEP-module Corona e3 “evoke” is a diagnostic unit for stimulation, derivation, display, evaluation and recording of auditory brainstem response that meets the requirements of today’s modern

and unbiased audiometrics in clinics and private practice.

Corresponding to the demand a single- or two-channel device can be offered.

The following examination methods are available and freely configurable:

  • Standard ABR (click + toneburst)
  • Chirp – ABR (masked Chirp)
  • MuSiC (Multiple-Simultane-Chirp ABR)
  • ASSR
  • MLR / MERA
  • LLR / CERA
  • Screening – ABR (AABR)
  • ECochG
  • VEMP
  • MMN
  • eABR
  • objective Promontoriy test (EABR)
  • Wave (Download)


  • Interface for raw data transmission (no pre-averaged data!


  • Airconduction
    Headphone: HDA 300
    Insert phones: ER 3C
  • Bone conductor
    BC: KLH 96

The intuitive design ensures a user-friendly operation!

Different parameters, e.g. sample rate, stimulus polarity and analysing time are eligible. Measuring procedures can be stored for recurrent examinations.

The universal concept allows to grade up the system with additional options at any time.

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