Natus Aurical FreeFit

The Aurical Verification System

“When programing a new hearing aid, you need to be sure that the hearing aid fits their ear and their hearing loss.

AURICAL FreeFit enables you to work with probe microphone measurements (PMM) in an easier and more efficient way. You can be sure you are providing your clients with the best fit possible with very little effort.

The user-friendly PMM unit has a wireless design and binaural fitting capability, making it easier to perform hearing aid verification. Use AURICAL FreeFit alone or with the other AURICAL modules, including the AURICAL Aud, AURICAL HIT and AURICAL OTOcam.

Discover how it easy it is to perform real ear measurements (REM) with AURICAL FreeFit.”

Automated verification makes hearing aid fitting faster and easier

Aurical makes it faster and easier to incorporate hearing aid verification as a standard process in your clinic.

Tight integration between Aurical and hearing instrument fitting software allows you to verify fittings automatically from within ReSound Aventa® using AutoRem and Phonak Target™ using TargetMatch.

Aurical works in the background during the entire fitting process, delivering measurement data to the hearing instrument manufacturer fitting software so it can adjust the hearing instruments automatically and make an automated fit to a prescriptive target directly. Hearing instrument programming and verification in one user interface. Verification doesn’t get much easier than that.

Carefree probe tube placement with the new ProbeTube Assistant™ in AURICAL

Probe tube placement can be a challenging part of the real ear measurement process. Placed too shallow, your measurements become inaccurate. Placed too deep you may touch the eardrum. The new ProbeTube Assistant™ in AURICAL provides on-screen guided placement of the probe tube so clinicians can be sure the probe tube is placed correctly and achieve more accurate real ear measurements without the worry.

AURICAL also offers ear hooks and longer probe tubes with easy-to-see millimeter markings for easier and more stable placement.

Not just for hearing aid fitting – perform objective demonstration of features and accessories

AURICAL FreeFit includes FreeStyle with the two-channel stimulus mode and the unique Feature2Benefit mode. You can demonstrate hearing instrument benefits, such as noise reduction, directionality and other features using one or two independent stimuli.

With QuickView, you can seamlessly incorporate video otoscopy with AURICAL OTOcam into your PMM sessions for visual inspection, troubleshooting and training.

Perform real ear measurements (REM) in a flexible way with OTOsuite software

AURICAL FreeFit is wireless – giving you more freedom and flexibility to perform probe microphone measurements. OpenREM supports open fittings. You can verify fittings against NAL and DSL prescriptive targets. Or you can incorporate your own targets and stimuli to suit the way you work.

The OTOsuite software universe is intuitive and easy to customize, making FreeFit easy to use and hearing aid verification faster. User Tests and pre-defined measurement sequences are easily adapted to local standards and protocols. What’s more, OTOsuite works seamlessly with Noah and EMR.

You can also use AURICAL FreeFit separately, or combine it with the AURICAL audiometer (AURICAL Aud) and/or the AURICAL HIT chamber.

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