The all in one instrument for OAE, Tympanometry and Audiometry

  • Totally modular design, so you can customise your configuration to meet your needs
  • Screening tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflex, pure tone audiometry and otoacoustic emissions in ONE portable lightweight device.
  • Compact and portable, handheld, battery powered
  • Easy to use, colour touch screen, menu guided
  • Flexible, configurable middle ear test battery: Tympanometry, impedance measurement, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflex, ETF tests, PTA, TEOAE+DPOAE.
  • Detailed test results and test history. Up to 1000 tests stored
  • Data and patient management software MIRA (PC based)
  • Easy interface, USB port for data communication

Sentiero Desktop puts every middle ear test at your fingertips!

Middle ear testing is used to determine the overall health and function of the middle ear. These tests are essential in identifying perforations of the eardrum, abnormal pressure in the middle ear space, wax blockage in the ear canal, and possible conductive hearing loss.



226 Hz. Optionally (1000 Hz


69 dB HL

Air Pressure Control

Automatic (flexible start and stop pressure)


-600 to +400 daPa (-300 to +200 daPa for class 3)

Pressure change rate

50, 100, 150, 200 daPa/s, as-fast-as-possible


0.1 to 8.0 ml at 226 Hz probe tone and 0.1 to 15 mmho at 678, 800 and 1000 Hz probe tone

Acoustic Reflex

Tone – Ipsi/Contra: 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz
Noise – Ipsi/Contra: Wide Band

Otoacoustic Emissions – OAE can be measured in both ears simultaneously!

DPOAE Quick/Diagnostic Test modes

  • 1 to 10 kHz, up to 30 points per octave high resolution
  • Time saving multiple channel stimulation and FMDPOAETM (Frequency Modulated DPOAE)

DPOAE Hearing Threshold Estimation (patented) – automated cochlear audiogram up to 50 dB HL

  • Stimulus levels from 20 dB HL to 65 dB HL
  • Frequency range: 1.5 kHz to 8 kHz

TEOAE Quick/Diagnostic Test modes

0.7 – 4 kHz Quick test/Diagnostic test with half octave bands with multiple SNR settings and stop criteria

Pure Tone Audiometry

  • Frequencies from 125 Hz up to 16 kHz
  • Levels from -10 to 110 dB HL in 5 dB steps
  • Multiple options for accessories: HDA280, HDA200, HDA300, DD45 (similar to TDH39), B71, free field, insert earphones, patient response switch
  • air – bone – masking
  • children audiometry options
  • Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech tests designed for Children – reinforcement audiometry at its best
  • Meets EN 60645-1 class 4 requirements
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